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Mists and Mornings at Sea

So often in our day, we miss so much of the natural beauty of the world God has made. This week I am surrounded by the ocean - an immensity of waters which cover two thirds of the globe. Oh what grandeur to be such a wee small speck floating in a boat upon such a vast sea. This morning I awoke to a sunrise of such brilliance that I had to wake up my wife to share (of which she delighted and then went back to sleep-smile). After the rising of the sun I spent time mulling two revelations - the Word and the Works of God. The Word took me to Psalm 8, 51 and the book of Romans - pondering the exalted state of humanity in nature, yet his fallen nature in such need of grace and redemption. God's works in view was the mists coming off the waves of the sea. In seeing such sprays of brilliance, I thought to myself - Why so many tiny acts of beauty, repeating again and again, but so many not seen by human eye. As I thanked God for the delight of looking at the seas (the same seas which wreak havoc in other seasons of life) I sensed that not one of these little crests and their sparkling mists are ever not seen. For indeed the watchful mind of He who rides upon the waves, strolls in the clouds, uncontained by the vastness of all the universe, yet deeply present with all - yes, He has seen, yes, he has delighted in the waves...and this morning he was gracious to share his pleasure. For this I am grateful - for I have seen God in a place where eyes do not regularly peek. Out...