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Preface to the Meditations on the Ministry of the Son of God

For a class I am taking we are writing our thoughts on the ministry of Jesus, the suffering servant, the Word Made Flesh, the Great High Priest, the Son of God...

There are times in life when you know for certain that you are touching weighty and beautiful things. Some set you in a state of awesome reverence, fixing the mind on puzzling glories. Other times bring a state of humble affections of deep appreciation and gratitude. Yet there is a third moment much sweeter than even both of these precious moments. Such are those with Christ that mingle both the weight of glory in the soul with a heart felt, broken, unimaginable unworthiness standing before beautiful truths.

When one looks upon Jesus, the incarnation, the pre-incarnate Logos who becomes the God-Man Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of God – the soul of the believer does its best to sing, yet the songs still fall short. For glories beheld in the soul are of a species of reality only seen by the mercies of God. For in the vision of Christ we see divine humility, divine power, and divine grace all merging in one act in history. The arrogant and proud will belittle the humility of the Word taking on flesh. The one with too low of self-worth can not believe that the God of heaven would take on such an estate to suffer and die for unworthy people. In Christ we see humanity valued highly – that God the Father deemed the “human” worthy of his own divine Son. In Jesus we also see the purity of humanity in its pristine state – lived so beautifully, so clean in the midst of world so soaked with the fodder and dirt of sin.

The passages (Isaiah 53, John 1, Hebrews 10) bring to mind both the lofty inner chambers of God (the courts of heaven, the word which was with God, who was God) and the brutality of this world in which our redemption was purchased. Such a transaction was not as easy as swiping a magnetic card through a reader, to issue payment for services rendered– no, this redemption was of higher cost, for a possession of higher value. What was it that brought the Son low to be crucified so that he may be exalted to the highest place? The desire to see the Father's own glory displayed in the Universe and displayed through earthen vessels securing their highest happiness in Him. Yes this purchase was costly, the very broken body and shed blood of our Lord. In this act a people was purchased...a people who would declare the excellencies of Him who brought them out of darkness into his wonderful light.

Off to think about things too wonderful to contain...