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The Beauty of Childhood Imagination

Tonight, I had the privilege of spending some hours with my almost 4 year old, Kayla Joy. Mom, had a night out with some of the ladies from our Community Group at Fellowship Bible Church. Today, Kayla did not have a nap in the afternoon which meant that our time before she went to bed was a little sleepy, but especially sweet. We took the time to look through our wedding pictures and I explained to her what marriage is, how God creates a new family when a man and woman marry, and how she would be my girl until the day (if that day comes) she were to marry. This of course was fascinating to her and she declared she just wanted me to be her Daddy for now. I wholeheartedly agreed! What then took place is a precious moment, that I do pray I never forget. In the back of one of our photo albums was a picture of my water Baptism. My pastor at the time, Stephan Sharpless, an African American man, was praying for me in the pictures, taking me into the water, and raising me up. Kayla and I talked about what Baptism means and she said "when I am older, I would like to follow Jesus and be Baptized" I told her that I thought that would be great in due time. Then she said "but Daddy, who will Baptize me?" I looked into her little blue eyes and said "I will sweatheart, by God's Grace, if he so wills, I will" She filled with delight at that thought. Then it got really cute. Kayla Joy (as word for word as I possibly can reproduce):

"Daddy, when I go down in the water and come back up, you know what I will become?"

At this I was thinking, "Wow, this is profound, what will she say?"

Thats when I become a mermaid, only girls can be mermaids

That was enough for me, but what she will become upon faith in Christ -- she will be changed, not to a mermaid, but to a human being whose future exaltation and glory will far supass even those wondrous realms of childhood fantasy...yes, even mermaidom. Yes, Lord, thank you for mermaids! And thank you for the new birth - Father, may you visit your power on dear Kayla - to save her and have her rise anew. Soli Deo Gloria, Amen