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In Peru

Hey guys, we made it down just fine to Peru – go to the place we are staying at 2am – had to get up by 7am…I probably slept a total of 45 min last night – roosters crowing, dogs barking, etc. The people are AWESOME and the conference is being promoted on tv and radio. The brochures are top notch – I’ll show you when we get back. Team is doing very well, bonding nicely. Please pray that I sleep well tonight – speaking 4 times tomorrow. One of the guys has some ear plugs I can use! Today we tour churches, plan the week, and have a joint celebration service this evening. Psalm 133 is the themes. Tomorrow night we have the large young adult outreach – we are preaching the gospel with invitation…pray the Spirit moves…Pray that I proclaim it clearly as I ought. Also, our worship and creative team has several music sets and a couple of dramas over the next couple of days. The president of the local Christian TV station has really gotten behind the AP conference will be taping and broadcasting one of the plenaries, interviewing Dale and I and they are talking about a future conference with Business professionals in Lima – could be HUGE. Apologies for the choppy sentences, but time is short on the computers. Soli Deo Gloria Reid