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Politics Without God--Europe's Secular Crisis

Al Mohler has a great piece on the theological and ideological landscape of Europe. In following the thought of George Weigel's The Cube and the Cathedral: Europe, America, and Politics Without God, Mohler lays out the predicaments of secular Europe. Having spent much time in a very secular eastern European nation, I too have thought that Europe's radical secularism is creating a vacuum of ideas which Islam will rapidly fill. For hundreds of years, Europe withstood the advances of Islam. She did this with two swords - the sword of battle and the sword of the intellect. The military efforts of Charles Martel and the theological/philosophical mind of Thomas Aquinas. Europe today seems to lack both even as its Islamic populations expand. It has little will to act or to put forth any ideas which will stay the advance of rapidly growing Islamic communities. America should be wise in watching Europe in the coming decades. America's democracy was founded by religious people in reliance upon a kind Providence, while many of Europe's democracies (ala France) were founded upon autonomous man. Such men who claimed to be guided by reason, now distrust even their own minds. Uncertain of its own footing, the secularist ideologies of Europe will stumble upon its own uncertainty. May Europeans look to their history anew and see the greatness of the gospel; if not there may be dark days ahead yet again for the continent. Reference - Politics Without God--Europe's Secular Crisis Out...