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Islam marching silently in Canada

World Magazine Blog has an interested post about Islamic law being advanced and debated in Canada. I honestly assumed this sort of thing would happen first in Europe, but Sharia law is gaining ground north of our boarders in Canada. Secular, postmodern relativism, seems unwiling and unable to hold back the encroach of even absolutist systems like Sharia. This seems to be the strategy of Islam in the west.
  • Claim to be one of many views that needs to be tolerated
  • Under this cover, continue to advance its laws and beliefs - even those which are contrary to the same "tolerant" society which has given freedom to exercise the beliefs.
  • If any of their beliefs are questioned, countered, or refuted (gasp) - scream "Intolerant" and continue on its way while secularists open wide the door for them. The recent avalanche of news on "Koran abuse" is a great example. Someone looks crossly at a Koran and muslim victims will scream and riot, even kill. All the while, Muslim communities are shredding Bibles and suppressing other religions in the countries where Islam has the strongest footholds. Be not asleep.
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