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Intelligent Design the Future - Teapots today...cells tomorrow?

There is a great article in Nature Magazine as to the nature of designed objects in the real world - things designed by human minds. The article articulately describes how the laws of physics seem to do nothing in predicting things which will be caused by human minds. This is a problem for those who hold that the world is just a set of determinate arranged matter. The minds of people continually do things, create objects, etc .in ways that cannot be predicted by physics showing the order that mind imposes onto the natural world. Paul Nelson of the Discovery Institute rightly sees the implication. If teapots have design imposed upon it by a mind, how much more the higher complexity and design of cells, DNA... You can read Nelson's post at the ID Blog at Intelligent Design the Future - Teapots today...cells tomorrow? Interesting factoid - I just read a printout of this article in class here at Southern Seminary. Bill Dempski sent it to our professor this morning and he sent it around class - I of course hogged it for a few minutes to read it - smile. Oh for the manifest wisdom in making cells and human minds to be known and marveled at in the world.