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Jan Hus of Bohemia

Jan Hus Monument in Old Town Square, Prague, Czech Republic
I have been studying for an upcoming two-part message series on the subject "What is Truth?" and have again come across a beloved quote from the early 15th century Czech Reformer Jan Hus. After spending quite of bit of time in the Czech Republic from 2000-2004, Hus has become a great interest to me among those condemned for views of reform in the late middle ages. Here is the quote:
Dear Faithful Christian...Search for Truth, Hear Truth, Learn Truth, Love Truth, Speak the Truth, Hold the Truth, and Defend the Truth til Death
For a brief biography see - Jan Hus of Bohemia
The Execution of Jan Hus at the Council of Constance 1415 "God is my witness that I have never taught that of which I have been accused by false witnesses. In the truth of the Gospel which I have written, taught, and preached I will die today with gladness." Thereupon the fire was kindled. With uplifted voice Hus sang, "Christ, thou Son of the living God, have mercy upon me." When he started this for the third time and continued "who art born of Mary the Virgin," the wind blew the flame into his face; he still moved lips and head, and then died of suffocation. On December 18, 1999 Pope John Paul II apologized for the execution of Jan Hus.