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Men Standing for The Black Family

A coalition of ministers, sponsored by the Seymour Institute (a Black Christian think tank and a project of the Azusa Christian Community in Boston, Massachusetts) has just published a new book entitled God's Gift: A Christian Vision of Marriage and the Black Family. Looking at the table of contents and chapter headings in this work is very encouraging. The following is the opening paragraph from the official press release:
(Washington, DC) Not since 1965 when the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan authored an historic and controversial study entitled The Negro Family: The Case for National Action, has there been an analysis of the Black Family that transcends partisan politics – so thorough, insightful, penetrating, and so complete that it resonates with every faction of the Black community. God’s Gift: A Christian Vision of Marriage and the Black Family, prepared by the Seymour Institute for Advanced Christian Studies is that critical report. “This crisis has been long in the making, as was memorably noted by [Moynihan]. The failure of the family bodes ill for the future of the Black community given the family’s critical role in preparing the next generation for a fulfilling and productive life and for transmitting values to children that will sustain the welfare of the community.”
Read the full press release here:Black Think Tank Releases God’s Gift: A Christian Vision for Marriage and the Black Family You may order a copy of the book from the Seymour Institute web site. .