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Seeing the Glory of God in Normal Things

This semester, at Inversion Fellowship - the young adult ministry of Fellowship Bible Church, Nashville, I will be teaching a series entitled Elements The messages series will consider how the beauty and glory of God is seen in the "created stuff" of this world. Far too often modern people, somewhat separated from our environment, seem to miss the magic and beauty infused in the world around us. Indeed, there are glorious finger prints everywhere around us, if we only learn how to see, how to consider, how to reflect on the majesty of God which is reflected in this world. Now, the Scripture will be our guide as we look, for we do not want to look without God as our tour guide. Two really new books I have found come across which I am using to aid my observations that I thought I would make note of:
Alister McGrath, Creation - Truth and the Christian Imagination (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2005)
Employing seven classic paintings, Creation invites readers to envision the origin, dependence, and larger purpose of the universe and their own lives. McGrath explores seven traditional aspects of the doctrine of creation: encountering creation, tending creation, the spirituality of creation, the parables of creation, the Lord of creation, the place of humanity in creation, and the ruin and restoration of humanity. The first of six volumes in the Truth and the Christian Imagination series, this book will help students and lay people understand the relevance of traditional theological terminology, the continued viability of a broadly Christian approach, and the pertinence of doctrine to their daily lives. (Source - Amazon)
T. M. Moore, Consider The Lilies: A Plea For Creational Theology (Phillipsburg: Presbyterian and Reformed, 2005)
How can we perceive and experience God's grandeur in creation? What does creation tell us about his plans, purposes, truth, or ways? T. M. Moore answers these and other questions in this artful introduction to creational theology, the discovery and celebration of God's glory through what he has made. The task of theology involves much more than simply studying Scripture or reading academic tomes. It involves doing theology-not just reading it. In Consider the Lilies, readers will develop the skills and disciplines for doing theology as they look upon and interact with the world around them. (Source - Amazon)
Can I just say that I am super stoked about these books. Moore's book is endorsed by several people I respect from a wide swath of the body of Christ - I am just giddy to read this one and launch into the Bible and the Universe - to see the grandeur and glory of God in the midst of so called normal things -- even dirt, air, water, fire, space, and light. May the LORD of heaven and earth dance before you and captivate you in the fullness of his beauty. .