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Kingdom of Dreams...

First, you have to check out our Video Trailer for the series. It is a trip. One of our guys is a film editor and has aspirations to do many cool filmaking things down the road. It is worth the time to watch. Kingdom of Dreams Series Trailer [32 MB - Quicktime is Needed]
We just began a teaching series for our spring semester at Inversion. The series is called Kingdom of Dreams. Here is a brief description
Our culture has always been one built on dreams. Every day dreams are fulfilled and dreams are shattered in our world. We live in a day of marketing hype and media saturation. Dreams of happiness and life satisfaction are peddled on every corner with multiple visions of success, status, and image daily flooding our lives. We believe that we dream by nature of what we are created to be. We believe that God calls us to care, to dream, to long for things in this life; but what sort of dreams would he have for us. Join us this spring at Inversion as we walk into a Kingdom of Dreams a place where the dreams of our God are birthed and spring forth in our day.
We will cover the following topics together: February 2 – Dream a New Dream about the Gospel
The prize and treasure of the gospel is the person of Christ. He is the crown jewel of our faith. At times in America we treat God as if he is on trial and we are the offended party. The gospel clearly shows us that is human beings who have offended God and are in great need of grace and mercy. A Christian is one who treasures Jesus and is thankful and utterly dependent upon Christ’s work on the cross. Someone who has yet to meet Christ may be religious but just has no taste for Him. Other things are much more pleasing than Jesus.
February 23 – Dream a New Dream of the Death of Dead Religion
Many people wander through lives of religiosity, numb, and dead to the reality of God. We neither are hot or cold; we just go through the motions and live self-centered lives, no different than the rest of the world save that we “go to church.” We are asking God to deliver us from dead religion into a life of worship and service where we give our lives away to God’s purposes in the world. We do not desire to be cultural Christians in Bible Belt Boredom – but missional believers living and turning the world upside down.
March 23 – Dream a New Dream about Sex
Don’t do this! Don’t do that! Yet what the heck is Sex for? We will be wandering into the designs of God for our sexuality and the theological truths he reveals to us in and through Sex.
March 30 – Dream a New Dream about Success
Money, Position, Power and Possessions – the world scrambles about for these things…and do many believers. We desire to see a reorientation of our life to Kingdom priorities. Money is for Kingdom work. Position and influence for the furthering of the gospel and helping the poor and the downcast. Possessions to be shared with those who have need. Success viewed as faithfulness to Christ, maturity and wisdom in life, and the quality of my relationships with those inside and outside the church.
April 20 – Dream a New Dream of Eternity
Too much confusion exists today about Heaven. Is it a place of monotony and boredom where we sing old hymns like a broken record? Is it a real place or a place for Casper the ghost floating around on cloud 9? Out of the ethereal and into the new redeemed eternal Kingdom of Heaven. Resurrected to live on a new earth. Heaven is our hope, our hope is in God’s redemption of all things and bringing about a glorious never ending home for the people of God.
April 27 – Dream a New Dream for Your Life
Responding to a Kingdom of Dreams! What are the dreams for my life, for your life, for our life. Who has God gifted me to be, how do my talents and passions fit into his calling upon my life. How do I know what he would have me to do. Where do I need to change to live in a Kingdom of Dreams rather than a lamo American Dream?
Should be a fun ride...pray for us. ...