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Halloween anyone

It is that time of year again.  The fundamentalists will scream and rail about the Devil, mainstream America will fork out mad piles of cash on crap and candy, and evangelicals will be somewhere on both teams. 

Are you participating with demons, druids and false religion by playing tricks and gathering treats?  Is it a great way for Christian people to meet their neighbors and show some love to the parents and kids around us?  Should there be Halloween alternatives for the kiddos so they do not feel deprived of the American right to have fun?  

I don't have time today to write out all my thoughts on All Saints Day, All Hallows Eve, or Reformation Day...but James Harleman has a pretty good post which went up yesterday.

Here is the link - Gimme some sugar baby - the holy, hellish hodgepodge history of Halloween.

One thing is sure.  If you are a parent, you have to at least be intentional about what your family will and will not do.  Amidst cultural pressures this is tough.  Last year we did trick or treat - probably will again this year.  But I tell you that many think I am the anti-Christ for not doing the whole Santa thing.  Please no spam if you like the fat guy in the red suit taking up the full view of Christmas.  I love my Santa celebrating Christian friends - we just don't do that in our house...but we will discuss the glorious, unbelievable reality found in the doctrine of the incarnation.  God become man...to die for sinners.  Merry Christmas.