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La Religion de paix

In France, the religion of peace is again doing something very strange and contrary to its nature.  The Washington Times is reporting that over 2500 police officers have been injured in an undeclared intifada.  Intifadas are uprisings where the religion of peace acts peacefully by throwing off its oppressors. 

However, when uprisings occur, the definition of of peace is many times morphed to include beating down cops and throwing Molotov cocktails.  This of course is due to the evil infidel dog oppressors not giving them what they want.  Bad infidels! You should know better than to force those of the religion of peace to resort to violence.  I guess since those who are rising up are living in impoverished areas, that it isn't their fault.  I am sure the French will capitulate in a few decades and turn over the country to the oppressed. This, you know, is not the France which beat back the Muslim invasions of Europe throughout the middle ages.  That France died long ago giving way to an enlightened France which appears will be unable to make an ideological stand when her hour comes.

Pray for France...pray for the gospel in Europe.