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Practice of Emergent

The Emergent Village has a page describing its values and practices.  One of the sentences on the page struck me as a bit strange.  It is under the headings:

2. Commitment to the Church in all its Forms:


To be actively and positively involved in a local congregation, while maintaining open definitions of “church” and “congregation.” We work in and with churches, seeking to live out authentic Christian faith in authentic Christian community.

I guess I can be committed to anything I want as long as I use the English language symbol "congregation" for it.   I guess I can sit in my jammies and spoke a peace pipe and call it "local congregation" and I would be faithful to practicing Value 2.  Strange, but a great example of postmodern allergies to closed "definitions"

See "The Rule of Pinky" for some more definition-phobia which has emerged in the last few years.