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The Shifting of the Christian World

There is a great article excerpted from Phillip Jenkins's book, The New Faces of Christianity which highlights the differences in theological beliefs between Northern (US, Europe) Christians and those from the Global South. The theological and demographic shifts are very interesting. Here is a great look at current trends:
In our lifetimes, the centuries-long North Atlantic captivity of the church is drawing to an end.
The figures are startling. Between 1900 and 2000, the number of Christians in Africa grew from 10 million to over 360 million, from 10 percent of the population to 46 percent. If that is not, quantitatively, the largest religious change in human history in such a short period, I am at a loss to think of a rival. Today, the most vibrant centers of Christian growth are still in Africa itself, but also around the Pacific Rim, the Christian Arc. Already today, Africans and Asians represent some 30 percent of all Christians, and the proportion will rise steadily. Conceivably, the richest Christian harvest of all might yet be found in China, a nation of inestimable importance to the politics of the coming decades. Some projections suggest that by 2050, China might contain the second-largest population of Christians on the planet, exceeded only by the United States. More confidently, we can predict that by that date, there should be around three billion Christians in the world, of whom only around one-fifth or fewer will be non-Hispanic whites.
Here is the link: "Shall the Fundamentalists Win?"