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As a user of Bible Sofware (yes, Logos - silver-scholar), my iPod for listening to the Bible (ESV, Max Mclean) this little post was of some interest to me. How Medium Affects Message Here is how I use the various means of letting the word of Christ dwell richly in my life...well, sometimes poorly.
  • Memory - I use audio Bible in my car, text on my iPod screen, and primarily my leather Bible - I tend to see things and memorize them, so I have to see it in a text to help me memorize.
  • Study - I begin with my print Bible, do much of my book work on Logos (commentaries, dictionaries, language study, etc.) - I like to allow myself time to "get lost in Logos" going from resource to resource looking at a particular passage
  • Message Writing - I am evolving here. Before I lived mostly on the computer. Now, I use scraps of paper, little notebooks (moleskins), and MS Word. I usually print out outlines from Word, scratch them out with a pen, add stuff, round trip back to word. I use Endnote for all my references as I don't like to write any message without a bibliography and references to those I leaned upon in developing the message (yes, I think plagarism in sermon writing is wrong)
  • Prayer and Journal - I pray without a computer. I scratch prayer requests on paper, yet I do think and write sometimes here on the Blog.
  • Meditation - both with print Bible and with ESV web services on the blog :)
Long live books! Long live printed Bibles! Die Parchment and Papyrus! (at least in every day use - long live them in textual studies) Long Live Logos! Praise God for the Internet! ...