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Depression and Despondency - How do you struggle?

The last several days I have been in a real fog.  I think this is a very important part of God's providence for us, that we learn to hold to his hand in the midst of our own dark days.  I wanted to ask everyone a question:

When you are depressed, how do you wrestle with it and what sort of things have you found good for the soul? 

For me, reading (particularly the Scriptures), exercise and sleep are usually the paths which help me find hope in God...but the last three days I have slept very poorly, not read much, and not exercised a lick.  I think this contributes to an overall low state of the soul.   Thoughts about the unity and interconnectedness of body and soul come quickly to mind.  I also find the dark night of the soul to be accompanied by temptations of a more intense variety.  In the midst of the fog, I always try to remember that the sun's existence is warming and giving energy to the earth, even when veiled.  So in the days where the warmth of the rays of the beauty of God feel far from me, I am reminded by the eyes of faith that he is still upholding all things and bringing all about for the good of his people - even using despondent days.

I would love your thoughts.