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A Sword for Geeks

I am sitting here reading Tremper Longman's NICOT commentary on Ecclesiastes with my new favorite toy.  A friend of mine put me onto "flags" to get me out of a habit of abusing books, folding down corners etc.  So I fumbled with Highlighter, pen, and flags as I did some reading.  Well, chalk one up for convergence, as I have found a very cool tool for my reading.  The 3M Highlighter that has a refillable flag resevoir!  Oh yes, flags and yellow ink may now fly furiously together.  
To quote Ecclesiasters, "Of the making of many books there is no end."  Yet, thank God I have a tool like this to read some of the good ones out there.  Now I just need a pen/highlighter/flag - with both highlighter and flags refillable...naw, that would make me spoiled.
For all the geeks who love their highlighters - in the car, on the bedside table, in the office, and everywhere in between.