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Not (Not Like) Mark Driscoll

Public repentence is good. I keep finding reasons not to not like Mark Driscoll (for those who like logic not (not like) = like).

A little while back Driscoll reacted to some remarks made by Brian McLaren (which were pretty obscure and lacked conviction) about the issue of homosexuality on the blog Out of Ur. It was a pretty amped up response, really funny at times, and a bit over the top in a few places. It seems like Driscoll realized he stepped over some lines

It is good to see that there are men who have Driscoll's heart and ear. Here is an exerpt from his post:

A godly friend once asked me an important question: “What do you want to be known for?” I responded that solid theology and effective church planting were the things that I cared most about and wanted to be known for. He kindly said that my reputation was growing as a guy with good theology, a bad temper, and a foul mouth. And after listening to the concerns of the board members of the Acts 29 Church Planting Network that I lead, and of some of the elders and deacons at Mars Hill Church that I pastor, I have come to see that my comments were sinful and in poor taste. Therefore, I am publicly asking for forgiveness from both Brian and Doug because I was wrong for attacking them personally and I was wrong for the way in which I confronted positions with which I still disagree.

Here is the full text: Apology | Resurgence