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Throwback Humans?


An article from the UK has some strange reasoning about a Turkish family that walks on all fours.  Apparently, some scientists think that studying these modern humans may explain something of our evolution from quadraped to the bipedal folks we are today. I guess if we go and find the people who still climb trees and swing in the branches we would make similar conjectures...very strange logic in my opinion.  Here are a few excerpts

An extraordinary family who walk on all fours are being hailed as the breakthrough discovery which could shed light on the moment Man first stood upright.

Scientists believe that the five brothers and sisters found in Turkey could hold unique insights into human evolution.

The Kurdish siblings, aged between 18 and 34 and from the rural south, 'bear crawl' on their feet and palms. Study of the five has shown the astonishing behaviour is not a hoax and they are largely unable to walk otherwise. Researchers have found a genetic condition which accounts for their extraordinary movement.

Two of the daughters and a son have only ever walked on two palms and two feet, but another son and daughter sometimes manage to walk upright.

The five can stand upright, but only for a short time, with both knees and head flexed.

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HT - Geoffrey Lessel