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The Blog Has Been Slow

It has been tough for me to post with vigor these days - I have been reading, writing, speaking so much that I have been a bit exhausted and left with less to blog from the soul.

I have been studying and reading early church history, the Da Vinci code stuff, and speaking in several different venues.  A two parter here at our church on Sunday mornings on engaging culture and understanding the contemporary buzz about Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Gnostic Gospels and the like.

I hope to get back to some biblical and cultural reflections here on the blog quite soon...

Just recently  Inversion was involved in leading a kids club in downtown Nashville. Expect a fun video of that here soon as well. For all the friends out there - please pray for me as I am in the midst of a full season of life. Great family, little boy coming, a wife to serve and life, many opportunities to share with the world about the living Jesus, inner city work, budgets, plans, NFL camps this summer, a trip to Peru, pre marital counseling, weddings, and a desire to read, pray and be alone a few minutes each day...

Out for now - speaking tonight on "Calling" - should be fun!