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Peru Update IV


One of the last events I spoke at in Peru was an open forum at San Marcos University, the oldest University in Latin America founded in 1551.  There is a great little Wiki on San Marcos here. 

When we arrived it was quite a scene - we walked past a political protest on to the venue where we would be sharing with students.  The room was packed to capacity and filled with anticipation.  I went out to use the rest room and found that there were lines of students around the building trying to get into the venue.  Students packed the chairs, the floor, the aisles, the back of the room and hung in the doorways where many listened in the packed hallway.

It was an unbelievable turn out – I estimate around 300-400 in a very small room.  We only had an hour – 40 min for talk/translation and 20 min for Q and A.  It was incredible – the questions tense, intelligent and poignant.  All were about the Bible, the identity of Jesus, textual transmission, the resurrection…but of course right when it started to get really good I was whisked out the door into a cab, for a 45 min drive across town to another church equipping event. 

The church event went well, but I just wished we could have stayed at the University longer.  Overall the trip was a great time to speak about the true and living Jesus to young people all over the Peruvian capital.  In future trips, I think University forums are a great way to share the gospel with the future young leaders of this nation.

Humbled as always by the faithfulness of our God to use the foolish things of the world (like me) in his eternally decreed plans.  For this I am thankful and give our glory to the crucified one who lived, died and rose for the salvation of his people.  To him I offer thanks and praise from a weary body and soul.