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Not Mr. Brown's Fault

Whether you are a left-wing Christian or a right-wing Christian, I found an article on Fox News' web site to be an insightful encouragement with the issues surrounding the Da Vinci Code book/movie.  I know if you read Jim Wallis, going over to Fox News will be difficult for you, but it is worth your time.  The article is written by Father Jonathan Morris, a young, fit for TV looking priest.  Really, they didn't pick a fat balding guy for the faith interviews dude.

There are a couple of quotes I find wonderful rebukes and invitations to Christian people: 

Dan Brown is capable of passing fiction for fact because Christians don’t know their faith — what and why they believe. That’s not Mr. Brown’s fault.

I could not agree more.  It is sad that many churches intentionally dumb down their teaching, leave out huge chunks of the Christian story, and teach little to no church history at all.  When the followers of Jesus, in whom are the treasures of wisdom and knowledge, distill down the faith in to palatable "how tos" we all lose.  And any sort of teaching tosses us to and fro on the waves of the zeitgeist, the spirit of our age. 

One last quote from the article: 

For Christianity, I predict the net result will be a positive one, despite all the bad intentions of its author. In the hype, Christians will ask themselves what and why we believe. And for this we must not forget to say, “Thank you, Mr. Brown."

I have had more e-mails, questions, phone calls in the last two weeks than the last two years combined.  These are coming from interested, questioning, learning Christians who are asking very basic questions about Christian truth and teaching.  A very good thing indeed.  Yes, many thanks to Mr. Brown.

And I do pray that believers share the real Jesus with real people in our world today as a result of all the Da Vinci Buzz.  I am a bit "Da Vinici Weary" but I am not weary of discussing the New Testament, its four gospels, the person of Jesus, his claims to deity, the reality that his is the unique Savior of all people who place their faith (understanding, assent, trust) in Him.  That song I want to sing long after Da Vinci is a tired rental at the local Blockbuster store.

Here is the Link - 'The Da Vinci Code' A Positive for Christianity