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Can we be thankful that we eat at all?

There is an interesting review of the book The Omnivore's Dilemna by Michael Pollan over at Books and Culture.

Like any other people in the enlightened western crowd, Christians too are concerned with being green, organic, and having justice for creation (no comment).

This article is interesting in that it discusses the struggle to eat well as we take "steps back to wholeness." This is very common today as many Christians are seeing salvation as redemption of creation and human beings finding wholeness (not oneness, though some do seem to go that far) in this world. If the Kingdom is NOW and NOT yet, this crowd certainly believes in the NOW part. Salvation comes through creation care, reconciling ourselves with the natural world, all things to God.

Now, I do see clearly in Scripture that God is reconciling "all things to himself" in Christ. Yet, I see a bit of a pendulum swing away from the Christian's hope being in a new creation, and the age to come. I also see a huge place for Christian environmental concern. Not just because it is trendy to be green, but due to the nature of human calling as stewards and vice regents with our Creator in this world. But it seems like our concerns for everything granola and pure is a new form of godliness for some. Granted, I don't want my kids running around in air that remembles a long toke on an exhaust pipe, but I think some can be overly freakish and worried about so many things that they can forget that God is also concerned with souls, concerned with sinners and sin, concerned to redeem our lives to be people who are his possession, eager to do what is good.

Does this include environmental concern? Again, Absolutely! But can we get sidetracked and replace the gospel and the work of the Kingdom with creation care and worrying about whether Chicken nuggest are 13 part corn or 14 parts corn? Again, Absolutely

One thing that we spoiled western people can forget is that we not only get to eat whole foods, or organically grown crops, or a double cheeseburger, or an ice cold Mountain Dew (which chemically is nothing like dew from a mountain - but oh, it is a sweet yellow beverage). We forget the grace that we get to eat at all. In some parts of the world, folks would be overjoyed to eat some hormonally jacked up beef. Overjoyed to eat corn feed animals, and chicken nuggets that have a composition only known to freaky, nerdy, chemist types.

Have a conscience about what we consume in the world...YES. But forget not that it is grace that we have air and food and water at all.

All the environmental, vegan, orgo superstars out there - praise God for you. Just don't hate everyone who likes a bit of red meat from time to time. And all of us, don't forget to say a word of thanks for whatever you cram down your throat tonight. But don't eat too much - that is a sin...one we easily forget.