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More on Suburbia

Tim Dees over at Triumph of the Lackadaimonians makes some good comments about the two books for Christians in Suburbia.  A few quotes:

So that's the plan. 8 steps, buy the more expensive coffee at Starbucks, and all is well. What if Christ actually operated this way? It might have looked like this:

Jesus: "Come follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."

Disciples: "Jesus, we're really slammed, and this fishing thing is really taking off."

Jesus: "Ok, well how about this. Don't worry about following me, but at least use dolphin-safe tuna nets."

Disciples: "Done deal, Jesus!"

(high fives ensue)
That is, my friends, hilarious...and a bit of hyperbole.  I think that the book was saying "Follow me, byyyyyyyyyy using dolphin-safe tuna nets" - I think that may be funny (in a different way) as well. 

Christ did not die on the cross because he bought fair-trade coffee or shopped in locally-owned stores. I think sometimes we skip right over the verse where it says that God will not be mocked. Indeed, he won't. The call of Christ is the upending of our lives, or it is nothing.

Now my dear brother Dees, I agree with you.  But slow down a tad and admit it - it would be cool if a 2500 sq ft house was purchased rather than a 5000.  A 250K one rather than a 400K one...and the rest of the wealth given to the poor and the Kingdom.  But I feel you brother, but maybe there is helpful practical advice for those following Jesus as Lord in the burbs. It is at least hypothetically possible, no?

Afterall, for some strange and mysterious contours of divine Providence...he did ordain that the suburbs be.  Now, dear Jesus, Sovereign Lord, please help us to escape the burbs!!!

Appreciate you Tim