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POC Bundle - 7.15.06

For Fun - Check this out - ESV “To Do” Bible - purgatorio - and yes, if you are new to Purgatorio, this is a joke. Too funny...

The Church - The PCUSA trashes the Trinity

When one California pastor was asked how he felt about the new terminology for the Trinity, he told the Los Angeles Times newspaper, "You might as well put in Huey, Dewey, and Louie." That minister is not alone in his sentiments -- another conservative Presbyterian theologian and pastor is similarly expressing disgust at what he describes as the denomination's move to "alter a major doctrine of the Christian faith."

For Young Dudes - Great Article - Stop Test Driving Your Girlfriend by Michael Lawrence (HT - Theologica)

On Science and Philosophy - Interesting article on moving robotics with brain impulses...now what causes the brain to move? (HT - Pearcey Report)