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POC Bundle - 7.18.06

Islamic Watch

What are the little kiddos learning in school today?  Pluralism? Political Correct Speech codes? Diversity? Maybe a little math and a few spelling bee words?  Perhaps in America.   Or maybe that Jews are apes and Christians are swine?  Or maybe that the Muslim must wage jihad in order to spread the faith in battle against the infidel? Or that Jews and Christians are the "enemies" of Muslims?  Well that would be in Saudi Arabia.  There is an interesting article over at MSNBC about what the kiddos are learning in the land of princes and oil.


Mac's do have some cool stuff going on today...namely cool Logos Bible Software on the way (PC users like me have had this for years) and now a cool Bible Widget to go with.  Mac users, download today


The Church 

Mark Driscoll comments on Calvary Chapel's recent statement of concern regarding Emergent.