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POC Tech Bundle - 7.25.06

Some fun little Tech News out there today...

  • Audio/Video - Microsoft recently announced their Zune project designed to take on the iPod/iTunes Juggernaut.  Their viral marketing site - Coming Zune is just weird.
  • Just Video - It seems Amazon is getting into the mix on the video side of things.  It don't need any more reason to give Amazon any more money that I already do.
  • Still the A/V King - And Getting Better - News out on the next generation of the audio/video butt kickin iPod.  A quick quote:
    • "Apple is aiming to increase both the screen size and improve the battery life - two conflicting attributes that are difficult to improve simultaneously and require significant engineering," he writes. It may be worth the wait, however. The new video-iPod will feature a host of new features and advancements over its predecessor, including an advanced graphics processor supplied by Nvidia adding "3D graphics functionality", and possibly wireless capabilities.
  • Cool New Motorola Phones - Why does Verizon get cool phones and Sprint gets all the mediocrity?