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POC Bundle - The Church - 7.27.2006

Resurge - Listen to this series of messages from the recent Resurgence Conference on Missional Theology.  Put it on the pod, computer, or wherever - you can find it on all the Resurgence web site.

Mainline Fun - Can't walk the Labrynth to be "centered" (you know this is not mentioned anywhere in the Bible) on your own.  No worries, you can do your own virtual finger Labrynth!  Your soul be delivered! You can even turn on the icons, text (read the text...kind of sad), and spooky sacred tunes...(HT - Challies)

Girly-Church - Where are the men?  Here is a link which highlights the laments and comments on the feminization of men in the church.  Dudes arise and reject the sissy gospel!  My favorite link title here - The Modern American Evangelical Church: (a.k.a. the Evangelical Church of American Women Who, At Times, Bring Their Soft "Nice Guy" Husbands and Sons Says Murrow) (Source - JollyBlogger