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Together for the Gospel - Theological and Missional

Mark Dever has a good entry over at Together for the Gospel about the theological and missional implications of the message and methods of gospel ministry.  He is recommending the Desiring God National Conference for those desiring to live out these important matters in our world today.

I sent in the following comment, that I wanted to share with the readers of POCBlog.

Dear Pastor Dever,

Thank you so much for this post. Many of us pastors on the younger side - especially some who are later converts who did not grow up in the church - care deeply about both theology and missiology. There are many young, reformed, theologically driven, and culturally missional guys out there who are influenced by both the confessional/church-health men, and the passion to reach people in their tribes here in America...

Personally, after the many years of frustration reading things from the "emergent" crowd, and being so influenced by guys like Piper and the men of Together for the Gospel, I am thrilled about the coming Desiring God National which is a synthesis of what is theologically driven AND faithfully missional. This is my prayer. I pray that the reformed, confessional, evangelical, missional clans will be united for the gospel in our day.

ESV Bibles worn out, preaching through the text, finding joy in God, humbled by and compelled by the gospel of grace, in love with Jesus, with a knowledge of the the cultural worlds of the souls before us.

This is my hope and prayer.

Reid Monaghan

Anyway, if you can make it to Minneapolis for the Desiring God National, I'll be there...and hopefully at a good Irish pub for dinner on Saturday night...