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Two Excellent Resource Pages

Mark Dever's Introductory Sermons on the Bible are Available for free download from Capital Hill Baptist Church's web site.  This is the audio version of the text that forms the books "Promises Made" and "Promises Kept" - I blogged and linked to the books here.

This is a good to have as a reference if you are involved in teaching the Bible. Here is how you might use the audio:

  1. You are ready to begin teaching or personal study of a certain biblical book - it is always good to get a flyover picture of the book.  Read it five times straight through - jotting notes in margin or in a moleskin - or, get the ESV journaling Bible and have both.
  2. Download one of these MP3s -listen to it, take notes (or buy the books)
  3. Look for launching ideas for your own brainstorming.  Ideas for illustrations, further study, digging deeper.

I love ministries and churches that see giving away free content - sermons, studies, articles, etc. as part of their calling. A great gift to the greater church in the world.