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 When I heard Mark Driscoll talk about the huge commentary that he wrote on the book of Genesis along with the sermons, etc. I had my suspicions about how the brother was getting it all done.  Now, it is clear - I assumed he was injected with genetically engineered Charles Hadden Spurgeon DNA, but I was wrong.  He has been theo-doping.  See the expose at Challies.com
Now feeling the temptation to take to theo-doping myself, I have resolved to remain faithful and rely only on the Holy Ghost, sleepless nights, lots of reading, a hope and a prayer.  So far I don't have a 100 page commentary on Genesis, but I did just crank out a 7 page (single spaced mind you) dilly on Philippians.  All clean, no roids...Take that to the house!

Also, Driscoll is a good sport, seeing his comment on Challies' post.  Thanks guys, too much fun to be had in the theologically driven blog world... 

Keep throwing the strikes guys...