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iTunes 7, Zune, and Unboxing in the Amazon


This week was a big week for announcements...especially in the area of handheld devices that kick tunes, tv, and movies.  First up Apple announced the new shuffle, nano, and iPod along with a major iTunes upgrade.  And yes, you can now do movies through the iTunes store.  At leas movies from the studios of which Steve Jobs is a board member. The webcast of the Steve Jobs show can be found here.

Also, Microsoft's annoucnement of the Zune and its specs have peaked some interest.  Especially the added WiFi and the ability to swap songs wirelessly with other Zuners.  Remember the division who produced the populary Xbox 360 are working on this thing, so don't write it off too quickly.

The final bit of buzz is from Amazon, they too have launched a movie download component, but with many more studios on board that just Disney. Unbox does TV, anime, movie purchase and rental...with tons of content.  Looks robust.


Unbox + ZuneMarketplace?  Does apple finally have some real competition in this space?