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POC Bundle 10.03.2007

Pop Culture
The Dove foundation's Campaign for True Beauty has created some interesting short films showing what women and young girls face in our culture of plastic beauty. As a father of daughters these drove my wife and I to our knees.

On Science
It seems like we will all be able to hide our Klingon Ships now...er, at least a 10micron circle. US Physicists build Cloaking Device 

The Church
There is a good article on Church planting article at Chrisitanity Today.  My friends in the Acts 29 Network had some good things to say.

Microsoft has some new Zunes coming.  Pretty impressive lineup and moving in good directions.  Not giving up the iPod yet, but the Zune 4/8 are pretty good Nano competitors with Wifi and an FM tuner built in.  Full comparisons here.