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POC Bundle 10.08.2007



Some forward thinkers in the UK have come up with a new form of money for use in the intergalactic trade federation.   They are calling it the QUID:

Enter the Quasi Universal Intergalactic Denomination (or QUID -- clever Brits), a stackable, molded chip made of the same material used in non-stick pans, and lacking the chemicals or sharpness inherent to paper, plastic, and coins. The inventors peg the current exchange rate for the QUID at £6.25 to 1Q

So whenever you need to trade with the moon man, or the martian WTO you'll be ready to roll

Gospel and Culture 

Stanley Fish has an interesting article on the relationship between liberalism and secularism over at the New York Times.  He conclusion is that liberalism = secularism and pretty much calls the bluff of anyone who thinks otherwise.  Here is a quote:

There are two answers presidential candidates cannot give to the now obligatory (and deeply offensive) question about their religious faith. A candidate cannot say, “I don’t have any,” and a candidate cannot say, “My faith dictates every decision I make and every action I take.” Rather, a candidate must say something like, “My faith generally informs my moral values, but my judgments and actions as president will follow from the constitutional obligations of the office, not from my religion.” In other words, I too believe in the public-private distinction and I will uphold it. I won’t insist that you adopt my values and I will respect yours. (In short, I’m a liberal.)

Much of it interacts with theocratic state building religious culture where there is no separation between church and state...ie Islamic cultures.  He does not interact with a view that holds a state can be informed on the basis of natural law where religious liberty is permitted.  Of course, natural law theory, requires a world view other than philosophical naturalism as it gives a positive ontology to shared objective moral values.  A bit on this from the POC archive.

On another note, the Council of Europe has declared Creationism a threat to human rights.  Thou shalt not teach that there is a creator in Europe today...
Reuter's article here

On Science 

Danish scholar offers up some advice on global climate change.  Climate change is real and humans contribute to it...but his advice? Chill Out. So says controversial scholar Bjorn Lomborg, adjunct professor at the Copenhagen Business School.

General News 

Great wiki on the stats and some skyline photos of the largest cities in America.