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POCBlog heading towards 1000

I am by no means what someone might call a prolific blogger.  I have a day job, a wife and three kids, am in Seminary, working on planting a church...and I enjoy writing when time affords.  Yet I just noticed something fun on my Movable Type Control Panel today...[for those who want to know - POCBlog is powered by Sixapart's Movable Type Software - Word Pressers I know you guys are cool]

I don't share too much the metrics of this site (for instance, how many page views a month we see) but I thought this was a bit different.  After being at this for a bit, the POCBlog is at 995 entries and 957 comments which means two fun milestones are just ahead.  First, the 1000 entry mark and second, the point at which comments eclipse the number of posts.  It has been fun to see a community form here with common interests and friends old and new.  I even love all those Mac people who always comment when I praise or mock the Apple cult. 

Anyway, what began as a way to put my thoughts down has turned into something I really enjoy.  I like thinking with you, hearing from you and keeping in touch with friends all over the world.  Thanks for walking these paths over the past few years and we look forward to the continued exchange of thoughts, laughs and Zune information in the days ahead.