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POC Bundle 11.04.2007

The Church

The folks at Stand to Reason have some interesting comments on the "gospel" being "Jesus as means to healing the planet" which is being put forth by some Intervarsity staff.  Remember, if we leave out the central focus of the "good news" we have presented a half truth.  Half truths fall short of communicating the rich reality that the gospel is about God saving sinners through Jesus AND send them on mission in the world.  That mission includes proclaiming the Jesus that died for sinners and forgives them AND sends the church into the world with good works for the common good as well. 

Pop Culture 

The gospel of Mark highlights that Jesus was seen as a different teacher for he taught as one with authority.  Our culture does not like to speak with any sort of conviction - one comedian has picked up on this and unpacks this cultural reality well. 

(HT - A-Team Blog) 

Gospel and Culture

Last Thursday we had a discussion entitled "Green and the Gospel - Christianity and the Environment. The wrap up from the evening is here.