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Blowing away with the Wind?

CNN/Money has reported on Britain's ambitious plans to push most of its domestic energy production to off shore wind farms by 2020.  Though accessing the winds off shore of the British Isles seems to be a great idea, it for some reason provoked in me a question related to defense. Now, I am 100% for wind technology for the generation of power, but it I certainly hope they are asking some hard questions.  So here is my question:

What if they were to go to war with another nation at some point in the future.  If their power generation is hinged to off shore wind turbines, are these not a prime target for missiles, submarines or aircraft attack.  It seems to me that the Luftwaffe and the u-boats past should make the Brits think about this sort of thing.  Perhaps they have, at the least, the defense of these installations must be a high priority if that much power is coming from this sort of source.  I am sure they must have considered the terrorist issue as well.  Energy independence for every nation ought to be a top priority, but if you become dependent on a source that can be knocked out and not easily replaced or repaired, you better have some pretty substantial back up infrastructure available as well.