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Haiku at Christmas - and a question for you?

Yesterday I sent out a note to friends and partners of Jacob's Well.  For some odd reason I felt led to write some Haiku as we reflected on life and calling this Christmas.  For some reason I really liked learning Haiku poetry in elementary school and that has stuck with me.  For all the fellas who might mock writing poetry (or particularly Haiku) let me just say that my wife digs my poetry.  Mock all you like.  Anyway, here are the little poems

One Last Tennessee Christmas
Three Poems
By Reid S. Monaghan

Grace Abounds to Us
Tender Tennessee Christmas
Soon We Must Depart

Gospel and Mission
A Coming Day in Jersey
God Walks Before Us

A Babe Incarnate
Friends, Prayer and Partnership
New Hope Eternal

As you might observe I used the standard 5-7-5 syllable format which brings up a question that might involve regional/cultural dialects in order to answer.  So here is my question: Does the word "Prayer" have one or two syllables?  Or more accurately, in the way you say the word, does it only have one?  What do you say - one or two.  If two then my last poem is valid 5-7-5 - if only one syllable I would change it to read "Friendship, Prayer and Partnership"

Do you say Pray-er or Prarrr?