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POC Bundle - Superbowl, Greek Gods, and Mice

General News

  • Yes, we all know that paganism (real polytheistic worship) is on the rise, especially in places like Europe.  Well, now the old Greek gods of Bulfinch's Mythology are being worshiped again today.  The Guardian has an interesting article about those today who worship the thunderbolt hurling Zeus and the faithful God of the sun Apollo.
  • Superbowl parties at churches can now legally go forward due to a clarification given by the NFL.  I think the use the really big screens was a problem and even that looks to be OK now.  I remember doing SuperBowl parties with college students and we would show a half-time video with Christian testimonies.  We always had to "turn off the game" then we could share the gospel.  Then, we would stop the message, and then "turn back on the game."  It is goofy that the NFL even tries to control these things.  But alas, we tried to play by the rules.  Article at WorldNet Daily.  Apparently someone put together a video saying that the church has prohibited either team from using a "Hail Mary" at the end of the game.  Too funny.

Just for Fun