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iPhone Updates


Apple recently released their TV ad for the new iPhone which is coming this summer from Cingular (or, uh the "new" AT&T).  The ad first aired during the Oscars and is now available online.  The add uses a fun trip through phone use in movie-making history.

Meanwhile, much to the chagrin of Apple fan boys, David Haskin from ComputerWorld says the iPhone may meet the fate of the Apple Newton Messagepad. You can read his comments here.

My current thoughts on iPhone: without Outlook integration (did I mention that Office 2007 is sweet), with a huge price tag, Cingular only, slow GSM data connection, I am down on the iPhone and will probably look elsewhere.  Don't get me wrong, the device is very cool.  I will probably just wait until the touch interface is on a high capacity iPod and then look at the smartphone market for PDA/phone integration.