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Many, Many, different ways to say "Nonsense!"

Pulpit Magazine has a plethora of scholars all saying the same thing about James Cameron's and Simcha Jacobovici's "The Jesus Tomb"

A very thorough compilation of consensus is found here. They are all saying the same thing...this is silliness. 

A couple of my favorites:

Dr. Garret G. Fagan, Professor of Classics at Penn State University:

They’re not scientists, but they need to dress themselves in the clothes of science to pass muster… Television is not in the business of education, even with the so-called educational channels like Discovery. “Ultimately, they’re in the business of making money. …  By the time the rebuttals come out, the mass media would have moved on to the next sensation and people will have this vague notion that they have found the tomb of Jesus. (Online Source)

Dr. James White, Christian apologist, Director of Alpha and Omega Ministries:

One of the main “tests” I had in mind for this book [The Jesus Family Tomb] when I picked it up was this: Will the book honestly discuss the limitations of mitochondrial DNA? Will they admit that such analysis can only speak to maternal relations, not to paternal relations? Will they tell us what Dr. Carney Matheson has confirmed that such a test cannot rule out that Yeshua ben Yosef was the father of Mariamne? Or will they spin the results? The answer was: spin, spin, spin. (Online Source)

I admit that there are challenges in the world today to Christian truth that the church's apologists work very hard to understand and answer.  This however is not such a challenge.  This is a simple exercise that is simple to refute and understand. 

Money, Money, Money, Spin, Spin, Spin - thats all there is to see here folks.