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POC Bundle 4.29.2007

Technology/Pop Culture

I am a big fan of the Transformers...these are funny headphones...I wouldn't wear these though.


Pop Culture/Gospel and Culture


Dog the bounty hunter describes his faith - he loves Jesus...but doesn't seem to think anyone else really needs him...a little sad. Dog still cracks some heads
, but it might not hurt to read some more Bible.

Just for Fun 

A funny picture Engadget used for an article on a government sniper program...Get em kitty:



As much as the Macintosh fun bunch wants to say how bad Vista is, it sure does suck all the way to the bank.  Here is a quote from a Business week article on the hot selling Windows Vista.

Revenue in Microsoft's (MSFT) Client Division, consisting primarily of Windows sales for PCs, hit $5.3 billion, a 67% jump over a year earlier. That includes $1.2 billion in deferred revenue from presales of Windows Vista, money paid by customers before the quarter started but not counted in results until the product shipped. But even without that spike, the group's sales climbed 17%. In other words, Vista sales growth topped Microsoft's estimates of overall PC unit sales growth, which came in between 10% and 12%. That's largely because 71% of customers opted for the high-priced premium editions of Vista.

Now I know Mac folks may say. This is just because Vista is installed on my PCs which are sold worldwide...not because people like it.  Yeah, but we seem to overlook that it is on most PCs sold worldwide.  Like that doesn't matter?  Sales are likely to increase as many will wait to get a new PC before upgrading.  I know that is my plan.