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POC Bundle 5.19.2007

  • Palm Treo 755 is reviewed over at PalmInfocenter.  I have looked at smartphones for years...really.  I had the first PalmPilot in 1996 and used to follow the handheld market like a freak.  But none of the smartphones seem to have all I want - getting better, but they still cost a bundle.  Anyway, the new Treo is out.
  • Cool looking new Dell Display
  • This is a funny list of nightmare client requests from a web designer.  If you do web sites, you will feel a camaraderie in reading this one.
  • Al Gore uses a Mac - how do this make you feel?
On Science
  • Cool new possibility for hydrogen production for fuel cells in automobiles.  It would be great some day to grab a bucket of pellets made out of aluminum and gallium and throw them in the "tank" - then recycle the byproducts...Especially if they could some day get it to be less than 3 bucks a gallon.

The Church

  • Joshua Harris, yes that Joshua Harris for those who grew up in youth groups, has an article up by Isaac Hydoski giving counsel for Christians and online dating.  I think it is worth checking out for single folks hanging out online.  Here is the link.
  • Lauren McCain - one of the women shot at Va Tech last month was interviewed a few weeks prior to her murder.  The video is online here in flash - it is copyrighted so don't try to rip it off.

Gospel and Culture

  • My little ditty on gender according to Scripture and Culture is now up on The Resurgence. If you are new to the Resurgence, book mark it.  It is a great resource.