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Apple News...

Steve Jobs is speaking again this morning at the World Wide Developers Conference.  Mac Idolaters will array in droves to hear what Jobs is saying to the devotees.  The buzz says a lot of Leopard, .Mac getting hooked up with Google, maybe movie rentals in iTunes as well.  Endgadget will live blog the keynote - that jazz can be found here.

On another note, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs recently gave a joint interview on stage at the D conference. It is an interesting look back on the last 30 years of personal computing from two guys who were in the thick of it from the beginning. It is available free on iTunes in both audio and video formats.  If you are at all interested in Tech history, this is a good listen.

Finally, the most important Mac News today - The Logos Bible Software OS X widget now has the ESV.  This indeed is cause for rejoicing.