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Dystopian Futuristic Funnies

This morning I stumbled across some "interesting" views of the future written by lyricist Jonathan Coulton out of New York.  This guys' music has inspired many amateur/professionals? to design music videos with various 3D, Flash and animation technologies.  I always find people's view of the future reveals much about our worldview.  As someone who likes technology, enjoys the sci-fi genre and somewhat reflective on shared ethics in society I found these to be very interesting and funny.  There are different videos for most of these songs, so I picked the ones I liked the best.  And of course, I don't agree with all of this jazz...but it did give me a chuckle...and helps to see how others see the world. I find the hope extended in the gospel and a future beatific vision to be a different sort of view...

Chiron Beta Prime 

A joyful look at a futuristic Christmas celebration

I Feel Fantastic 

Much akin to Huxley's vision in Brave New World, feeling fantastic in the future means popping lots of pills

The Future Soon 

An ironic poke at futuristic optimism