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The Story of Christianity



I have recently started a book for a new seminary class I am taking on the history of the Christian church.  You never know how good of a read a "textbook" will be so cracking this one I was wondering whether it would be a good read or a rather sterile experience.  To my delight I was extremely pleased with the first 15 or so chapters.  So I wanted to pass on my recommendation of this volume.  It is extremely approachable for any level of adult reader, written with an engaging style and thorough in its coverage of the ancient sources.  I found myself wanting to get to my homework because the book was so good.  One thing is certain - any reading of early church history shows me how soft we have become in the American church.  I was inspired by the fortitude and commitment of those who followed the risen Jesus to share the good news in their communities. 

Here is a link to the book.  A great resource for any library or someone who is daring to step into the ancient art known as reading.

The Story of Christianity: Volume 1: The Early Church to the Reformation by Justo L. Gonzalez