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Insightful family photo

We recently had a photo made of our three kids and it turned out to be a fun picture. I'll fill in the details with some commentary.

  • On the right is Kayla Joy, she'll be six in a little over two weeks and is in the first grade - all she wants you to look at is the hole in her mouth where her baby tooth used to be. Hence the big smile...
  • In the middle is Thomas...aka Tommy Reid.  He is saying "help, you don't know what these two do to me...please, help"  You can see his plea written all over his face.  He is 13 months and loves head butting.
  • On the left is Kylene Jordon - she is 3.75 - She is saying to us "look how sweet, cute and innocent I am! Except you cannot see my left hand...I am giving Tommy a wedgie."
This is pretty much in character for our kids - we are so thankful for each of them.  A blond, brunette and yes, as of now, Tommy is a light red haired Irishman. Thanks God they all take after their Mom.