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POC Bundle - 1.16.2008

Reviews and/or Theological Reflections

Tim Challies reviews The Shack...interesting as this is the "hot book" right now in NashVegas among church folk. It is #42 on Amazon right now and #1 in spirituality and Christian segments as well  I found the theology discussion on the Shack Forums here to be quite revealing.  I am going to read it soon - I know one girl on our church staff that thinks it is not biblical in its depiction of God - Challies seems to agree.  Yet I am convinced that many do not even care whether it is "biblical" or not and will simply be taken by the book.  Those who might question its presentation of God will be called "religious" or "legalists" or people that don't get it...people of an "old way" of seeing God that holds people in shame.  We like views of god that match our sentiments rather than the God of the Bible.  Heck, lots of Christians do not even know the contents of the Bible or the historical doctrines of the church.  We prefer books by Joel Osteen.

Just for Fun

Well, it turns out that monkeys and men are still distinct - in Austria that is.  See the following news story - It's official: In Austria, a chimp is not a person. For those of you who were unaware, there are people that think primates are deserving of human rights - free the chimps!  On a less humorous note, this in an actual paragraph is from the Great Ape Project:

The idea is founded upon undeniable scientific proof that non-human great apes share more than genetically similar DNA with their human counterparts. They enjoy a rich emotional and cultural existence in which they experience emotions such as fear, anxiety and happiness. They share the intellectual capacity to create and use tools, learn and teach other languages. They remember their past and plan for their future. It is in recognition of these and other morally significant qualities that the Great Ape Project was founded. The Great Ape Project seeks to end the unconscionable treatment of our nearest living relatives by obtaining for non-human great apes the fundamental moral and legal protections of the right to life, the freedom from arbitrary deprivation of liberty, and protection from torture.

So for all those zoo keepers out there - feel very ashamed of yourselves for depriving the apes of their freedom and dignity.  

General News

Though receiving a 83-82 scare from Ga Tech this evening, the UNC Tarheel Basketball team is still #1 - In basketball season I cheer for my alma matta. In football season I pull for the Hokies - we served in ministry for six years at VT.