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Cell Phone Usage

Al Mohler has an interesting article focusing on some research on cell phone use today.  I'm really not sure what his point is with the article other than stating the way things are today.  He does talk about parents limiting teen cell phone time but the article seems to be without a real conclusion.  Does cell phone proliferation bother him?  Does he lament the days without cell phones glued to us at all times?  I couldn't tell what point he wanted to make. To be honest, though there can be problems, I love cell phones.  Especially my little Palm Centro

I have to make sure I don't text and drive and I try not to text/e-mail while hanging with my wife or kids.  I actually saw a lady text messaging at Cracker Barell the whole time she was having breakfast with a little boy who looked like her son. I felt bad for the little guy.  Cell phones, like any tool we use in work and life must not dominate the other relationships in which we are called to invest.  E-mail, texting, twittering, blogs, facebook etc. can all be profitable and fun to use, but unplugging for silence and solitude must still remain a discipline for human beings.

I think maintaining some of the old disciplines (like writing, thinking, speaking, crafting arguments and presenting ideas) while merging them with new forms is a good thing.  Of course we can get swept into being sound byte, short text, trivial, disconnected and light person.  But this is not the work of cell phones - it is the fruit of undisciplined souls.  And we still have to deal with the "old" television demon which saps way too much of my time in BCS bowl season.

Anyway, C u ltr...